Your Lifestyle

Operating against your instincts might work in the short term. However, if you continue to play against your strengths, your overall quality of life will start to decrease. Examples of tension that relates to your lifestyle could be:

Not enough time to relax

You’re always preoccupied with work and feel you don’t spend enough time with your family. On weekends you want to be able to relax and recover from the week. Perhaps your spouse even complains you never want to do anything fun?

You start to form bad habits

Tough days at work can prompt you to make bad or emotional decisions – and choose unhealthy ways to relax to switch your brain off. This can result in you forming bad habits that affect your health and overall wellbeing.

You present yourself negatively towards family and friends

You’re always complaining, but you don’t know why, you’re not usually that negative. You feel like you’re always talking about work. Even when you want to stop, it’s still stuck in your mind and keeps bothering you. When your family complain, you get frustrated because they don’t understand what you’re going through, making you feel lonely.

You’re prevented from doing things you love

Your partner stops you from doing spontaneous things that give you energy. You feel like you’re not living your life to the full.

You dread Mondays

The thought of having to go back to the office on Monday morning keeps you from fully enjoying your weekend. You often find it difficult to sleep on Sunday night because you start to think about everything you must do in the office.