How you gather information

Fact Finder

People who have a high score in fact finder initiate their problem solving by gathering information and looking at historical facts. They tend to have a high attention to details and feel most comfortable making decisions after they have done their research. Technical roles tend to have a high amount of initiating fact finders, comfortable with looking into detail and get as many specifics as possible. Nevertheless, a team with too many fact finders may be inclined to spend excessive time in meetings as they easily get off track due to focusing on specifics.
People with a high number in Follow Thru approach problems by organising what needs to be done and designing systems. They are very good at planning and making sure everything gets done in time and marked of their list. Most technical roles are highly focused around systemising and organising data and naturally you will find a high number of people initiating in Follow Thru in the IT environment. The risk with a team that has dominance in this action mode is that it leaves little room for multitasking and opportunities can be lost due to a single-focused mindset.
How you arrange and design

Follow Thru

How you deal with risk and uncertainty

Quick Start

People initiating in Quick Start act with a sense of urgency, thrive on deadlines and constantly seek shortcuts to solutions. Quick Starts are normally good at innovating and are strongly future-oriented. In a IT environment, it might seem a bit risky to have Quick Starts in the team because of the high focus on security and details needed. On the other hand, mixing the team with initiators in this action mode can help maximise the strengths of the other team members and help find opportunities in places never thought of earlier.
People initiating in Implementor have the instinct to construct. They have the talent to create tangible demonstrations of high quality and will work on it until they have constructed a concrete solution. Technical roles, which are very hands on, is normally highly suitable for Implementors and gives them a chance to create valuable assets. As Implementors tend to live in the present, it is important they also surround themselves with people who have their mind on the future and individuals who take on a historical perspective.
How you handle spaces and tangibles