Culture fit, or job fit? You need both!
June 5, 2018

Happier employees are more productive by an average of 12%, and in some instances, up to 20% more than a control group, according to a study by the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy.1


This shows how investing time and effort into creating an enjoyable environment in your workplace has tangible benefits for both employers and employees.

Happy employees are healthier

It’s also been shown that employees who are happier and have more fun in their work are less likely to succumb to stress and anxiety.

  • UK businesses lose 6.9 days a year per employee due to absenteeism.2
  • This costs the British economy £100 billion.2
  • Absenteeism is estimated to cost the average UK business £554 per employee.2

Unsurprisingly, a happier workforce is a healthier one – with less absenteeism. Therefore, encouraging fun in the workplace can help you to become a more profitable organisation.

Improve colleague collaboration

Nearly all employees need to collaborate frequently with their colleagues. And it’s been found that by organising non-work-related activities, you can promote more effective communication between co-workers.

For instance, if staff are actively encouraged to spend time together in a relaxed and fun environment, they’re more likely to talk openly to each other and start to build relationships. In this atmosphere, they can more easily discover each other’s likes and dislikes and personality traits.

This knowledge will help them to understand each other better and, in turn, work colleagues will begin to become friends. As a result of this, they’ll be able to communicate more freely with each other, and more effectively.

Generate workplace creativity

By introducing fun activities into the office, you’re also promoting a creative culture. Team problem-solving exercises are a great way to inspire creativity and innovation in your employees.

Try to come up with team activities that encourage problem solving and require staff to be flexible in their approach. Your aim is to stimulate the imagination and broaden thought processes.

Events that shake up the daily routine can spark a creative energy that’s lacking when things become too humdrum. For example, organising an office outing or holding an event will help to generate fresh conversations and get that buzz going again.

Make your office a welcoming place

When fun is lacking, and your employees are bored, a dull atmosphere can settle on the office. But when exciting new activities are introduced, the change is palpable. There’s more vibrancy and vigour in your staff and outsiders coming into your business will feel this.

It also helps to decorate your office in clean, bright colours and keep it uncluttered. A messy office only reinforces an air of disorganisation. The interior of your workplace should reflect the type of business environment you’re trying to create – fun, relaxed, and ultimately, highly productive.

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1University of Warwick: Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy study:




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