With a strong background in technology and M&A projects, we understand what issues and problems you can face during periods of change. Our people first approach means we can combine our tech knowledge with the human side of business where people are at the core.

Assessments include:

  • CMDB
  • Service Catalogue
  • Software inventory
  • Support Contracts
  • Finances
  • Kolbe A

In the first stage of our methodology, we start by conducting Kolbe assessments. Kolbe A Index is a unique conative assessment that helps identify your striving instincts and natural way of getting things done. Compared to a personality test, it doesn’t ask you to change. Instead, it encourages you to be yourself and use your strengths. There are four action modes:

Assessment for Yourself

A Kolbe A assessment will help you gain an understanding of your own natural behaviour, so you can start acting on your strengths to reach your full potential. Together with a consultant, you’ll be able to pinpoint the actions or situations in life that drain your energy as well as realising what situations make you energised. Knowing how you tackle tasks most naturally can help you change the way you approach creative and work-related projects.

Assessment for the people around you

As well as taking the assessment yourself, we recommend you assess your business partner, spouse, colleague or a person you work closely with. This will help you understand why they act the way they do. With this knowledge, you can improve the relationship you have with them. Just by being aware of your individual MOs (mode of operation) you’ll be more in tune with each other’s needs and can start utilising your differences instead of them coming between you.

Assessing the people around you

Some of the most effective changes happen when you start to assess your conative strengths against the people around you - be it work or personal.

Having full visibility of how you fit within a team or group of people and being able to identify areas of conative strain or conflict will help you start new conversations. The result is better relationships and happier people.