Team Analysis

Our team analysis is based on Kolbe Leadership Analytics Report and evaluates your conative inventory, productivity factors and efficiency factors. The report will give you a full understanding of the collaboration status, strengths and tensions in your team and define areas for improvement.

Together with Kolbe B and C assessments, we aim to understand the expectations your team members have relating to their job roles (Kolbe B) as well as your expectations as a team leader of what the job role requires (Kolbe C). This will give you a clear understanding of the dynamics of your team, helping you to find hidden opportunities and determine if you need to recruit new team members with strengths not currently held by your team.

Personal Life

Being aware of your own MO (mode of operation), and that of the people around you, enables you to start your journey to a happier personal life. We know that your work and personal life often intersect; therefore we provide help in both areas. To get a deeper understanding of your personal relationships, a Kolbe R assessment can be done to measure the expectations people in your personal life have of you, and vice versa. Together with a consultant, you can begin a discussion with a greater knowledge of each other’s strengths and limitations.

Analysis Include:

  • Kolbe Leadership Analytics
  • Site visits
  • 1-1 interviews
  • Kolbe B
  • Kolbe C
  • Kolbe R