About Beyond M&A

We’re an information technology consultancy that specialises in the M&A IT space. We believe in the need to focus primarily on the IT team and not technology to get the best results for all parties. Our “people first” approach differs to current IT industry advice, which usually advises companies to address projects from a “cloud first, mobile first” perspective. We know the key to putting together a high-performing team and delivering effective projects is to utilise existing strengths and let people play to their natural instincts. As a result, you can unlock productivity and enjoy a greater degree of success.


  • Company Founded 2014

    Founded by Hutton Henry began life as a Microsoft Technology Consultant.
  • Lens 2014

    Development of 'LENS' our in-house discovery software. LENS accelerates delivery of complex technology migrations.
  • Leadership team 2015

    Dave Refault joins the company to develop internal processes and structure.
  • Major Client Win 2015

    Beyond wins a series of projects with a major global Fintech business.
  • Continued Crowd 2016

    Beyond experiences rapid growth with multiple projects running delivering business change and recovering lost ROI for its clients.
  • Development of IP 2017

    Beyond pivots its core service to M&A IT. Begins to develop IP by producing a book, brochures and a new 5 step PMI methodology.
  • business Expension 2018

    Beyond now has 10 FTES with a pool of 30+ consultants. New offices within Chiswick park opens. Beyond becomes ISO 9001/27001 certified

Our Team

Anna Magnusson