Feeling something isn’t right?

How many times have you found yourself having a quick look at your emails, checking your phone or going for an extra coffee to drag out the time until you must go back to a task and continue what you’re supposed to be doing.

Many people spend whole weeks doing things they absolutely dread. And for most of us, there are always tasks we like less than others, which is completely normal.

Perhaps you can’t see the purpose of what you’re doing? Or the job that sounded perfect to begin with has evolved into something you’re no longer interested in? Maybe you get easily frustrated and constantly feel like you’re carrying a heavy weight on your shoulders?

Most of your frustrations and problems can be tracked back to 3 main parts of your life:

Yourself Your team or business Your lifestyle


A 3-step process that will help you solve these problems:

Use your strengths

If you can align your own natural talents with your daily job, it not only increases your career prospects, you’ll also be in a good position to help others. We work with Kolbe to help you understand your own, and your team’s natural strengths, and align technology staff to appropriate roles.


With increased self-awareness, you’ll feel energized and more productive. Surrounding yourself with people that complement and appreciate your strengths will help you feel inspired and inspire others. As a result, you may find you recognise new opportunities that were hidden in the shadows.

Your team

Our 3-step methodology will help you gain clarity on your leader style. With increased self-awareness and a better understanding of your team’s strengths, you’ll be able to involve, engage and inspire your team – creating a more dynamic, purposeful and respected company/department. By utilising the full power of your team, you’ll build a workforce that’s full of ambition, courage and wisdom, ready to help you grow and move your company to the top.

Your lifestyle

By knowing what to focus on, you’ll be able to spend more time doing what you love and less on things that drain your energy. Having the courage to delegate, will give you more time to spend with your family and friends and will create a better life balance, helping you achieve a feeling of fulfilment.

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